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Five Unique Nursing Jobs

When people think of nursing it’s easy to automatically visualize the scrub outfit, crock shoes, and the stethoscope wrapped around your neck while you rush off to your shift at the hospital. But what most people don’t realize is that there are so many different areas that nurses can work in that are far different than the typical acute care setting. Let’s examine five nursing jobs that the average person never considers when thinking about nursing careers.

Informatics Nurse – These nurses are experts in the information technology world as it relates to nursing and healthcare electronic health records systems. They provide ongoing support and training to healthcare professionals on how to use these systems efficiently and effectively.

Legal Nurse Consulting – LNCs are nurses who analyze the medical records in healthcare related malpractice and liability cases, and give their expert opinions about the care rendered by healthcare providers.

Nursing Instructor – Responsible for ensuring students meet requirements and learning objectives, these nurses teach courses in schools of nursing. They provide instruction in classroom, virtual, or clinical settings.

Telephone Triage Nurse – These nurses take calls from individuals who have health concerns. They collect medical histories over the phone, to determine what level of medical care may be needed to address the patient’s health problem. They then assist these patients with locating the appropriate facility or provider if needed.

Utilization Review Nurse – This position entails reviewing medical claims information as well as documentation to determine if treatment rendered to patients was medically necessary. They are often in charge of determining whether the criteria has been met to approve insurance claims and perform follow ups with healthcare providers when needed to assist with claim denials.


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