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Career Change to Nursing, Should You or Shouldn’t You?

It’s six in the morning and your alarm goes off. You shutter at the thought of having to get out of bed and drag yourself once again to that dead end job, that doesn’t pay you what you are worth and makes you feel like you are just a number. You’re tired of wasting your days doing something you have absolutely no passion about. So what do you do?

You have thought about going into the nursing field, but just aren’t sure you should make such a drastic change. You know that this could be an avenue to obtaining a career that’s rewarding, but how can you be certain that it’s right to take that leap of faith and just go for it?

This is a common concern of many men and women all over the world who contemplate changing careers to become nurses. As a career changer myself, I faced this exact situation a decade ago when I decided to leave my sales career behind to go to nursing school. If this is you then here are some things to consider that can help you decide whether you should abandon your current career and transition into the nursing field.

Are you a people person?

If you want to be a nurse, you need to enjoy being with people. Sure there are non clinical nursing jobs, but you cannot get through clinical without having close personal contact with people. In fact nurses regularly assist patients with their most personal needs, such as dressing, bathing, and grooming. Therefore you must be a person who truly enjoys interactions with other humans if you want to become a nurse and be happy with your career.

Do you have a weak stomach?

Unfortunately nurses are regularly exposed to blood and bodily fluids. If you are sensitive to the sight of people’s blood, vomit, or nasal secretions, or if you can’t handle the smell of urine or feces, you likely wouldn’t make it through your first clinical rotation.

Are you willing to be challenged academically?

Nursing school is no walk in the park. You will need to get through difficult science and math courses, and will have to do a lot of reading and studying in order to obtain passing grades.

Why are you unhappy with your current job? Will these reasons go away if you become a nurse?

If you want to abandon your career because “it’s too stressful” or because you hate your boss and your co-workers, or because you have too much work to do, these are things that will probably come back to haunt you again in your nursing career. This is a job that requires constant multitasking and you will be responsible for keeping your patients safe and healthy. If you are stressed in your current career you will likely also be stressed in your nursing career.

If none of these things are a concern, then you may just have what it takes to be happy as a nurse. Be sure to talk to current nurses and do your research so that you have a good understanding of what nurses do day-to-day before you make your final decision.


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