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5 Programs to Help You Pay Your Nursing School Student Loans

by: Salimah Jones APRN, FNP-C

We all know that going to college can be a financial strain for the average American. I didn’t have a college fund and neither did any of my friends or family members. Our parents could not afford that. I had to utilize a variety of financial resources to pay for my nursing education including student loans. I agree that there is a student loan crisis currently in the United States and many people rack up huge amounts of debt, only to get jobs that are barely over minimum wage. This unfortunate reality leaves many people in situations where they are making huge monthly interest payments and can never get ahead.

Fortunately if you are a nurse with student loans there is help available! Here are five government student loan repayment programs that are legitimate relief programs….NOT SCAMS! These programs can significantly reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate ALL of your student loan debt!

1. Army Nurse Corps

If you join the Army you can be eligible to receive the Healthcare Professional Loan Repayment Program which pays up to $50,000 of your student loans for a 3 year commitment (active duty).

2. Nurse Faculty Loan Program

This program pays up to 85% of the nurse’s eligible nursing education student loans in exchange for teaching in non-profit schools of nursing.

3. Faculty Loan Repayment Program

This program will pay up to $40,000 of student loans for healthcare faculty who teach at an eligible health professions institution.

4. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

If you are a registered nurse or an advanced practice nurse, you can apply for the NCLRP. This program will pay up to 85% of your nursing education student loans in exchange for working in a critical shortage facility that treats underserved populations.

5. National Health Service Corps

This is a program that is similar to the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment program, however it is for healthcare providers such as physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. You must be an advanced practice nurse working in a critical shortage facility to qualify for this program. The amount of student loan repayment depends on how many years of service you give to the facility.

You can visit the HRSA website and the army nurse corps websites to learn more about these programs.


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