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Nurse of 25 Years Becomes a Successful Entrepreneur…an Inspirational Story

Salimah Jones APRN, FNP-C

When it comes to the nursing field, many people have the misconception that upward mobility is limited. Everyone knows about the typical staff nurse at the local hospital, but few are aware of the opportunities that exist in a variety of different settings and specialties. What is even less talked about are those amazing nurses who take on the enormous task of successfully launching their own businesses.

After 25 years of working as a nurse, Debbie Lyn Toomey RN, author, and CEO of Ultimate Healing Journey LLC,  was bold enough to pursue her passion to help solve a major problem in the healthcare industry. I had the opportunity to interview Debbie, and here is a recap of her inspirational story.

Hello Debbie. Can you tell me about your business and how you help your clients?

I provide innovative programs to health care organizations that increase productivity, reduce costly errors, and generate stellar reviews and referrals. Ultimate Healing Journey, LLC, is a positivity and wellness-based company that works with organizations, companies, groups, and individuals. Ultimate Healing Journey, LLC delivers programs that enhance stress resilience and boosts overall success.

What made you transition from your nursing career into starting your own company?

As a nurse of over 25 years, I grew extremely concerned at the repeated admissions of so many patients due to stress related ailments. Eventually, I followed my passion in holistic health and stress management and started my own company. Ultimate Healing Journey, LLC has allowed me to combine my nursing background, positive psychology education, and coaching to deliver educational, engaging, and evidence-based programs. Through my company, I have an impact with my message of health and resilience as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and author.

Tell me about your book.

My book, The Happiness Result – More time, More health, More love, More success, has my proprietary pillars that has become the framework of the programs I offer. As a 2016 Tufts Medical Center Nurse Fellowship recipient, I have created a mindfulness training and research program. This mindfulness program aims to be effective in reducing stress and increasing the wellbeing of medical-surgical nurses.

What is one obstacle you had to overcome while your were starting your company.

One major obstacle I had to overcome was learning about business because it’s so different from nursing. However, I’ve been extremely lucky because of the great teachers, mentors and role models that have helped me along the way.

If people want to contact you to learn more about your company where can they find you?

The best way to reach me are by visiting my websites or connecting with me on social media at the links below.



Book site:


Instagram: UHJDebbieLyn

Twitter: @UHJDebbieLyn



Thank you Debbie. You are truly an inspiration to nurses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and women all across the world who need to know that dreams are possible!


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