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From Teen Mom….. to Successful CEO, an Amazing Journey

Salimah Jones APRN, FNP-C

When it comes to being a “teen mom”, many may believe that the only way to the top is to secure a spot on a reality TV show. Unfortunately, most people aren’t this lucky and gaining a successful career takes hard work, persistence and dedication. After learning she was pregnant at the early age of 19, Tina Payne, Registered Nurse and CEO of Grace Health Career Center LLC, decided that rather than allowing her circumstances to define her destiny, she would make something of her life and pursue a career in nursing.

Humble Beginnings

Tina’s dream was to become a physician from an early age. She became interested in the health field while being involved in a college preparatory program. She attended college away from home and learned that she was pregnant after completing her first year of the pre-med program. Despite the skepticism from individuals in her life who had doubts that she could complete her studies while raising a child, Tina ignored the advice to move back home and instead changed her direction. This is when she decided to study nursing which she believes was one of the best decisions of her life.

But Her Challenges Continued…

Going to nursing school while raising a child proved to be one of the most difficult tasks Tina could have ever imagined. She often felt like a “the worst mom in the world” due to having to place her daughter in two childcare facilities while she attended school during the day and worked at night. Things began to look really grim after she was dismissed from her nursing program as a result of failing several classes. Fortunately, she was able to get reinstated during a daunting appeals process. This gave her the determination to finish her degree more than ever.

Then Came the Blessings

Tina Payne Staff

Against all odds, Tina Payne not only completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, but went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Education. After working as a nurse in a variety of fields including the emergency department, med-surg, cardiac, hospice, and home health, Tina is now the proud owner/operator of Grace Health Career Center LLC, an organization that offers CPR training, Nurse Aid training, Medication Administration training, and health screenings. Her other business ventures include an online retail business that offers affordable scrubs and medical accessories called Grace Health Scrubs as well as a blog that encourages mothers to reach their career goals and manage their family relationships called Goals of a CEO Mom. Her keys to success in business include conducting research, utilizing free resources, networking, and creating a schedule.

Her Motivation

Tina credits her mother as being her biggest inspiration. Growing up, she witnessed her success as the owner of a cleaning company. Her mother’s knowledge and expertise has motivated Tina to achieve her own business goals throughout her life. Now as a successful entrepreneur herself, Tina appreciates the flexibility and financial freedom that her nursing career and businesses have provided her with. She truly values the time she can now spend with her supportive husband and five children, while helping her community and enjoying her career.

 Connect with Tina

Tina Payne

If you would like to learn more about Tina Payne and her businesses you can connect with her by visiting her websites or social media pages.

Grace Health Career Center, LLC

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229


phone: 513-226-9436




Grace Health Scrubs, LLC





Goals of a CEO Mom




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