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What This Boss Did Caused Top Employee to Quit


After working for her health clinic for just a few months, Emily quickly began to make a positive impression. Her friendly attitude, outgoing personality, and ability plus willingness to learn was a perfect set of skills which matched her customer service role.

Her boss recognized her potential and immediately began to pour into her by building a relationship, mentoring and empowering her to become a leader within the organization. She ensured that Emily utilized her strengths and interests to help achieve many of the company’s objectives. Her coaching paid off 10-fold as Emily’s contributions helped the company excel, both by increasing customer volume and retention.

Emily caught the attention of the company’s top executives, receiving many praises and recognition for her work. She had not even been with the company for a year when she was chosen for the annual regional support staff award.

One day, Emily came to work and her boss noticed that something was wrong. The twinkle in her eye wasn’t there, and that energetic bubbly personality that everyone grew to love was gone. When they had a meeting to discuss what was wrong Emily shared that she really wanted to go to nursing school but she had just received a letter stating that she was not accepted into the program she applied for.

Emily’s boss was heartbroken when she saw how this news impacted her. As a nurse practitioner, she knew from personal experience the challenges involved with applying to and getting through nursing school. She made a decision that day that she would commit to helping Emily achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.

Over the next few months Emily’s boss compiled all the information she had learned from her years as a nurse, student, educator, and manager. Her goal was to make sure Emily had all of the information she would need to successfully get accepted into nursing school, learn about different educational paths, obtain financial resources to pay for her degree, and all about nursing careers. She knew that Emily had what it took to be a nurse and would be a wonderful asset to the profession. She just simply needed guidance, a plan, and the motivation to keep pursuing her goal.

Through the process of compiling all the material, Emily’s boss discovered that there was a substantial amount of information and many hidden resources that aspiring and current nurses who want to further their careers needed to know. She decided to publish her work in an easy-to-follow career guide called Nursing 411: The Ultimate Career Guide for Busy Adults. She dedicated her book to Emily.

Several months after Emily read the book she went to her boss and told her that she was resigning. She stated “I was really inspired by your book.” Following the advice she obtained from the guide, Emily had begun retaking some of her nursing prerequisites and applied to several other programs. One of the recommendations in the book was to obtain a job in the health field offering flexible hours and tuition assistance. Emily decided to take a position at a university teaching hospital working 12-hour night shifts. The new position would allow her to devote more time to her courses and would also help pay for a significant amount of her schooling.

Losing an employee like Emily was disappointing but her boss was overjoyed that Emily was pursuing her goals. She saw Emily’s renewed spirit and the sparkle in her eyes returned. She witnessed the power of being able to change the trajectory of someone’s life, simply by investing and believing in them. She is excited and looking forward to the challenge of developing more leaders, no matter where it ultimately leads them in their future career endeavors.

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