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7 Tips To Help Your Nursing Career Explode in 2018

As 2017 comes to an end, it is the perfect time to break out that vision board and begin to set your goals for next year. Many nurses want to earn more money, obtain a new job, gain a promotion, or even start a new business. These are all fantastic goals, but how do you realistically turn these into reality?


If you want to achieve professional success in the new year, an intentional plan will be essential. Nurses have more opportunities now than ever before to assume a variety of different roles. Switching to a new specialty, or even just a new organization may be just enough to add a bit of excitement to your career. If you are looking for dramatic changes however, such as breaking into a leadership or executive role, you will need to rely on much more than just your professional license.


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#1 Hire a Resume Writer

Many nurses take for granted the power of a well written, and well-designed resume. Your resume is still your #1 tool for presenting your professional skills and unique qualifications. Jobs are becoming more competitive and recruitment procedures are becoming more automated. This means if your resume does not stand out from the pool of hundreds and thousands of applicants, you will not even be given a chance to interview. Hiring a professional resume writer will dramatically increase your chances of getting interviews.

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#2 Add a Certification

Certifications validate your knowledge and skills. When considering adding a certification you should think outside the box. Evaluate the needs of your current or a potential employer and ask yourself what types of skills the organization would value. These certifications do not need to be specific to the field of nursing. Example certifications that can be considered include certified asthma educator, certified diabetes educator, certified medical coder, and certified health or wellness coach. Many technical schools will allow nurses to add on a certification for radiology or diagnostic medical sonography. Certifications are also helpful for those looking to start their own businesses.


#3 Learn a Valuable Skill

This can be an excellent way to take your career to the next level. For example, if you are a nurse practitioner working in an urgent care setting, learning certain procedures or skills could help bring revenue to your organization. Examples include reading X-rays and EKGs, casting, and suturing. For LPNs and registered nurses, think about becoming a super user for your company’s EMR system or learning the ins and outs of the medical equipment used in your facility. Branding yourself as an expert in something is a great way to showcase your leadership skills.


#4 Learn a Foreign Language

There are many people that live in the United States that do not speak English! If you are bilingual, and especially if you speak Spanish, you will nearly triple the value you bring to an organization. Having this skill alone can be enough to move your resume to the top of the pile. Don’t feel as though you have to be fluent before claiming this as a skill. Mastering simple conversational Spanish is extremely valuable, and you can add the course to your resume while you are enrolled.

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#5 Join a Professional Organization

Memberships in professional organizations serve a variety of purposes. Not only are you able to network and meet other influencers in your field, but you also have the option to serve in leadership roles and participate in committees. Your experiences within these organizations will undoubtedly serve you well in your professional career.


#6 Take Courses

You can take traditional courses at a university or college that apply towards a degree, or you can take non-credit courses. Courses can be nursing related or outside of the field, as long as they bring value to your current or potential employer. Many nurses who want to break into executive and administrative roles pursue MBAs or degrees in Healthcare Administration. Other courses to be considered include information technology courses, marketing, writing courses, and speaking courses.


#7 Find a Mentor

There is extreme value in finding an individual who has travelled the road you wish to follow. Having a mentor gives you a competitive advantage as he or she can provide you with appropriate strategies to help you advance your career. Not only can mentors save you time, but they can also prevent you from making huge career mistakes.

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